Saturday, 25 October 2014

To Write A HOTL3 Tutorial

It is an honor to be invited to be a part the team to write  the much needed tutorial for HOTL3. I wasn't considered on the basis that I am a good copy writer, nor my in depth knowledge of the game. As a matter of fact, there is no way I can write for a website at a professional level. As for my experience with the game, I am only 2 weeks into the game at the point of time. Still, the IMP thought it was a good idea for a noob to write for noobs while the steep learning curve of the game is still fresh on the mind. The difficulties of my picking of the early game techniques shall be address on the form of a simple tutorial.

I have decided to write based on my perspectives, rather than a proper technical writing style. That is the only way I can produce content naturally and quickly, else I will be losing my interest before I can get past the first chapter. Hopefully, my content is still relevant enough for the team to be used without a truck load of editing.

A little side note about why I volunteered to write this. Was it because of the unique race as a game reward? Sure, I will take that if I'm offered, but as the reason for taking this up but as a reminder of my hard work. It is my childhood dream to make games. In my young teenage days, we lived and breathed games. In one of our open ended history projects, everyone in class did some serious research and presented their work in the traditional form of charts, reports or models. I led my team to make a hybrid D&D styled board game and game book about the Japanese occupation. It was a game to escape from the Japanese and players get to walk on grids in any direction they wanted with their dice rolls. They might then encounter events, elaborated in specific pages in the game book, where they would negotiate tricky trials from puzzles, making decisions to gutting Japanese soldiers with their acquired weapons.

We topped the cohort with our project with distinction.

We were ecstatic with the result because we did that for the love of gaming and did not expect good results. In fact, there was a shade of fear in my mind that we might even fail the project for being totally absurd. Years went by and reality claimed our souls. None of us went pursued our passion because there are way more rational options to put food on the table. My life perspective somewhat changed radically after I was diagnosed with bladder cancer two years ago. I am supposed to have recovered from it but I suppose the nagging feeling of a possible re-occurrence will never disappear. I tell myself to start learning to live my life as a dying man. One of my motivations is to revisited my childhood dream of making a game again. As technology advances, games of today are leagues ahead to our capabilities. Without intensive training for years, even programming a MUD game like HOTL3 was beyond my reach. Writing a tutorial for a game is the next best thing I can do. If I can contribute in any way, why not? Even if my material is not used in the end, it will be a enjoyable journey in the end.

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