Sunday, 19 October 2014

Noob for noobs


I'm Dragonspawn, noob of the Southern Isle. I stumbled upon HOTL3 mud early this week and found the game intriguing enough to stay on. At this time of writing, I am a week old in HOTL3. Coming from many MMORPG environments, I have to say there is nothing about HOTL3 that can match up with the MMORPG out there, even the lesser known free to play ones. The obvious difference is the lack of graphic and sound but I don't think it is a fair comparison because it is a different genre. For someone new to MUD, this is an eye opener.

Despite the incredibly steep learning curve in this game (and probably MUD-ing in general), what drew me back (at least for a week) was the helpful players who gave a noob a truck load of good information, advice and of course, equipment that someone like me will badly need. This is not easily found in many MMORPGs, where noobs have to survive a generally hostile and competitive environment. Let's hope this continues.

This blog is set up to record my misadventures and funny moments of my stint in HOTL3. I will also include useful information (from my perspectives) that I use to play the game. Perhaps there will be other noobs like me who will join the game in future and may find these logs useful. Please feel free to contribute or comment.

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  1. Hopefully u stay long enough n enjoy the game... i had my fun long ago sleepless nights n long hours of playing.. camping at the quest clerk to snatch the easiest kp quest n warring is most fun of all.. sends chill down ur spine...