Wednesday, 29 October 2014

HOTL3 Logic

Wraiths and Beholders have hands to fight with in the MUD school.

A pass door spell grants etherealisation good enough to pass through cold, hard doors but not walls.

A pineapple tart is more filling than an eggtart

A vampire feeds on corpses but a formless wraith feeds on food.

Imagine a griffon holding a polearm.

The only men in the realm who have sex are always tied up, blindfolded and freaking old.

A guard can hit me with a dagger while I'm flying

A wraith has no flesh but it suffers from stun, blindness and poison.

If a griffon has "2 arms" (flap wings gene) and "4 legs", why doesn't a draconian have "4 arms" and  "2 legs"

An elf has infravision but not a vampire.

If learning capability (slots) refers to intelligence, a Goblin is as smart as an Elf. An Orc is smarter than an Elf. So are dead particles like a Banshee and Wraith

In terms of learning, 2 heads are not better than one. Just look at Ogre and Golem.


  1. u cannot do much anything when u are sleeping but u can "yell" in sleep

  2. U can chat while sleeping too... but u cannot hide n sleep in the game but we can sneak away hide one corner n sleep in real life