Sunday, 19 October 2014

Fusion Dates for 19 Oct - 25 Oct 2014

Thor is our IMP yet....
This just goes to show, players contribution will be vital, if this game is to be revitalised. Anyway, I needed a moonchart because I was invited for fusion with Cee, the Elven Mage, born under the moon of Libra.

After I spent a great deal of time, I managed to plot a basic moon chart. I apologise because I have not figure an efficient way to post the whole list here yet. (formatting issues) I will do some improvements on this if there is any request. Otherwise I will live with the raw form because this is just for my self reference.

I have highlighted significant dates suitable for fusion (interpreted according to the conversion I had with Thor and Cjeph) I am assuming I got it right for now, so use it at your own risk. Possible fusion dates this week as follow

Lunitari date
Solinari dates
Nuitari dates

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