Friday, 24 October 2014

Fusion Dates for 26 Oct - 1st Nov 2014

Ha. Since I have discover how to post tables in blogspot, you shall see tables. Excuse me for excluding fancy shading and formatting you would normally see in good tables. Hmm, come to think of it, a MUD player complaining about aesthetics? To cut the bullshit short, here is the info that we need. I was told by a laojiao (LJ)(a term which I will use in the blog from now) the moon sequence is due to shift. Damn, just after all these hard work?! Thus use these information at your own risk. If anyone hows when moon shift and how long each sequence last, please let me know so I can update correct information here.

Oh another thing. I was told that Neutral Moons do not affect Good or Evil Moons. So instead of a sole Shining moon, if we can accommodate neutral moons, there will be a lot more possible fusion dates. I am not sure about the concession of  Lunitari fusion dates though? (Does S-Nui and S-Sol neutralise each other?) Let me know if you have any information about this. Also, if you find anything wrong with these info, please tell me.

Possible Fusion Dates for Solinari Goody Nerds

Deception24LEOCNS-12:31:00 AM26 Oct Sunday
Great Gods20VIRCNS-5:19:00 AM26 Oct Sunday
Deception10AQUGXS-7:19:00 AM27 Oct Monday
Thunder11AQUGXS-7:31:00 AM27 Oct Monday
Freedom12AQUGXS-7:43:00 AM27 Oct Monday
Bull2CANCNS-9:43:00 AM28 Oct Tuesday
Freedom26CANCNS-2:31:00 PM28 Oct Tuesday
Bull16SAGCXS-4:31:00 PM29 Oct Wednesday
Deception17SAGGXS-4:43:00 PM29 Oct Wednesday
Thunder18SAGGXS-4:55:00 PM29 Oct Wednesday
Moon8TAUGNS-6:55:00 PM30 Oct Thursday
Thunder4GEMGNS-11:43:00 PM30 Oct Thursday
Moon22LIBCXS-1:43:00 AM1 Nov Saturday
Bull23LIBCXS-1:55:00 AM1 Nov Saturday
Deception24LIBCXS-2:07:00 AM1 Nov Saturday

Possible Fusion Dates for Nuitari Evil Punks

Bull2CAPCN-S12:07:00 AM27 Oct Monday
Freedom26CAPCN-S4:55:00 AM27 Oct Monday
Bull16GEMCX-S6:55:00 AM28 Oct Tuesday
Deception17GEMGX-S7:07:00 AM28 Oct Tuesday
Thunder18GEMGX-S7:19:00 AM28 Oct Tuesday
Moon8SCOGN-S9:19:00 AM29 Oct Wednesday
Thunder4SAGGN-S2:07:00 PM29 Oct Wednesday
Moon22ARSCX-S4:07:00 PM30 Oct Thursday
Bull23ARSCX-S4:19:00 PM30 Oct Thursday
Deception24ARSCX-S4:31:00 PM30 Oct Thursday
Sun14VIRGN-S6:31:00 PM31 Oct Friday
Deception10LIBGN-S11:19:00 PM31 Oct Friday

Possible Fusion Dates for Lunitari Neutral Hippies

Sun28TAUS--8:31:00 AM25 Oct Saturday
Great Gods6ARSS--5:43:00 PM27 Oct Monday
Sun7ARSS--5:55:00 PM27 Oct Monday
Moon8ARSS--6:07:00 PM27 Oct Monday
Sun14AQUS--3:19:00 AM30 Oct Thursday

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