Sunday, 19 October 2014

My First Spec Quest

What's the worst spec quest experience a seasoned HOTL3 player can face? Ans: Helping a clueless noob playing a Gen 1 fire month smurf (with 300 hp) taking on an agro mob he has never seen before in a god-forsaken, unrecallable dungeon. 

As it seemed, a simple bounty turned into a 2 game day long quest which eventually involved 3 seasoned players to help me through. If a cursed armed sword on Lich Ael wasn't enough, his constant stuns, plagues and mana shield definitely created more than a handful for us. The confusion was amplified when everyone was invisible in a void-like maze. 

When it was all over, I felt exhausted in RL. That was intense. Truth to be told, I sucked and I owed this lot a big favour. Though I have been waiting for a Spec Transport book the whole day, when I saw Spec Defense, I decided to be flexible and go for it instead. After these, I wouldn't want to trouble anyone else even if I saw Spec Transport coming on before I fuse.

Thanks a million for helping me get my first ever spec book, Cjeph, Pris and ChaiChen!

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