Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Testing out Tutorial Room (Part 1)

Case 1
Vaysa's Training Pad

An Usher Boy says 'Welcome! Jan wants to see you at Jan's Equipments. Type where Jan or exits to find out where she is and head over!'

Vaysa says 'If you have something for me, you better give it to me this instance.'

Comments: WHERE JAN and EXIT works as intended. But GIVE requires syntax elaboration

Case 2
A Monk yell 'Remember Fighters, Safety First, Safety Last.'
A Monk yell 'So do not be afraid to flee'
A Monk yell 'rest or sleep to regenerate!'
A Monk yell 'You may also want to consider your enemies!'


Prefers 'rest or sleep to regenerate before or after battles!' and 'You may also want to consider your enemies before a fight!'

Also, an explanation about what consider returns represent will be good. For eg, Just today, I asked Wrath (laojiao player) the difference between "Do you feel lucky, punk?" and "Laughs at you mercilessly", he wasn't 100% sure about it also.

Case 3

When I entered the duelling room, Vaysa was still talking to me even though I left the room.


  1. difficulty increase like this: 'perfect match' followed by 'Do you feel lucky, punk' then 'Laughs at you mercilessly'. this one I am pretty sure but not 100% because I also just returned to this game after like 4 years? lol. i believe other laojiao like CC or Cj will know better from the 'killing him naked and weaponless' all the way to 'hand you the shovel'

  2. The scale goes like this:
    1) You can kill _____ naked and weaponless.
    2) _____ is no match for you.
    3) _____ looks like an easy kill.
    4) Perfect match.
    5) Do you feel lucky, punk?
    6) Laughs at you mercilessly.
    7) Shovel and gravestone.