Wednesday, 22 October 2014

How to Earn Some KP as a Noob

Hey, remember the story about how I struggled to get my Spec Book? The next morning, someone actually told me there was a easier way to do so. The trick is to use HINTING. I shall elaborate about how to do it effectively the next time. What I want to say today is that HINTING requires Karma Points (KP). I was told to hint a mob, I would need 10 KP do it so. 

The question is, how can a noob Gen 1 player get anywhere near even 1KP, let alone 10! Questing? That was exactly how I struggled to the extent 3 players had to help out in order for me to complete a quest of my level. Not a chance. Then someone suggested trying out CONSIDERABLE KILLS as a source of KP. Even if I could managed that once, I would have enough to source a book out if I needed to, since tier 1 gives about 25 KPs.

A "Considerable kill" is anything above "A perfect match". So this is not going to be easy. Obviously, the lower your level, the higher your chance to send some considerable kills packing. The challenge will increase as we gain our levels. At close to level 50, it is almost impossible to do any considerable kills as a low gen player unless you receive help. (Who in the right mind will help?)

Look I got 25 KPs by killing 50 considerable mobs. I wouldn't say it was an easy task at all but it was sure rewarding because there are very few options for a Gen 1 or Gen 2 player to gain much KP unless perhaps, you are of a specific class built to do simple low KP quests. Tier 2 (100 kills), gives another 50 KPs on top of the 25. I am not sure how much Tier 3 (150 kills?) give. Perhaps another 75 KPs? We probably don't have time for that for now :)

I thought of posting this up because ALL the players I had group with commented they had forgotten such a thing. So why not? Now you remember.


  1. how do you get the background color on the leader reines part

  2. It was a trigger, the client allows a highlight of the background of the trigger text