Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Hinting a Spec Book Mob: Luck of the Noob

In contrast to my dire experience with Book of Specialise Defense, I had much better luck with Book of Specialise Transport. I decided to try out a HINT AREA, in which the sexy quest clerk (heard she looked like 王洁曦) would activate the book in a mob and tell you area that the mob was holding it. That service would cost you 50,000 gold. Pretty sure that cost a lot more than what the harlots were charging their old men in Hotel 81. Anyway, if you do a HINT AREA, it would be a hide-and-seek for you to seek out that mob (rumored to be level 40 or so) holding it. The good news is the book is not soul bound. So if there was a helpful high gen chap around, he will be able to retrieve the book and pass it to you while you drink milkshake by the cute cuddly Panda in Midguard - that is, if you are lucky enough.

I happened to be lucky that ChaiChen had little competition vying for quests that morning. So he decided he would look around Upper Agro for me. With a bit of what Kora termed as the "Luck of the Noob", ChaiChen slapped the book out of the first mob he met in the area. Brilliant job. Of course, I thanked him heartily.

Bear in mind that this was a very lucky case and it would very well go the other way if the sexy quest clerk decided to place the book in a shitty area with too many possible mob choices, or extremely difficult to navigate around. No high gen would then even give a hoot to help you out, unless you are sexier than the sexy quest clerk of course.

This was the cheap way of getting a Spec Book. The expensive one was mentioned a post ago, which was to HINT MOB by paying 10KP to the sexy quest clerk. She would then, tell you the exact mob to kill to get the book. 

So she knew where was it all along, that bitch!

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