Tuesday, 28 July 2015

You Fail to Masturbate

Chiobu failed to rebirth TWICE in consecutive days and I happened to be online to read his desperate rants.

Unfortunately I was questing and pages were refreshing really fast and before I had the chance to do screenshots, the information was already behind my history limits. Lousy client I have, what to do.

While I could not quote word for word, they went something like that,

"Sibei sian, come fuse me! Anyone, gen 1 also can!"
- boredom after finishing all quests. 

"No more moons already!!!"
- after failing to find a fuser on time. 

"Fuck! I'll rebirth."
- masturbation as the last resort.

"Nabei need 1200kps to rebirth!!! Anyone can lend me 50kps?"
- after finding out the hard truths. (Celine lent the 50kps because I was questing)

"WTF! WTF!!! My blessings potion give me stoneform instead of blessings!" 
- more miscalculations

"Nooooo. I can't play Gen 1 anymore!"
- when someone suggested playing another toon in the meantime

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