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How to kill Ti'amat, the Ruler of First Hell

I know everyone knows how to to do these. This blog isn't really put up for them anyway. It is compiled for the HOTL3 newbie population (which we have 0 of). Anyway, in the event of a miracle of any who comes our way, he or she will probably enjoy this guide.

Cut the bullshit short. We want to kill Tiamat, the Ruler of First Hell. How?

First, to get there, we have to get through a few areas, notably Descent to Hell, which can be daunting for newbies to navigate, due to the amount of agros lurking around.


Getting to Descent to Hell

1) recall;s;s;w;w;w;w;w;s;d;w;w;n;n;n;  (this will take you to a maze)
2) find gold pile or hunt for farmer's guarddog, it will take you to a room called "A Farmer's House", which leads to... hell?
3) Unlock e; (Kill the dog and get key) e;u;e;open s;s;open s;s;w;d;w;open w;w

Getting to 9Hells from Descent (continue)

Note: It is preferable to have a higher gen player who can cast a higher level of invisibility on you. If you are a base thief, your sneak should be high enough to get through the agro mobs by the time you are ready to face Ti'amat. For other classes, it is highly recommended to get a wand of invisibility along. I'm not sure if the wand can grant invisibility powerful enough, or where to get the wand. I'll update this when I get hold of it and test it out. With yourself properly shrouded, this speedwalk should get you to the entrance of 9Hells from the entrance of Descent to Hell. (you can cut and paste)

w;w;w;w;d;e;s;e;e;n;e;e;s;e;e;n;e;d;d;s;w;w;n;e;s;w;w;w;w;n;w;w;d;d;d;e;e;s;e;e;n;e;e;s;e;e;n;open e;e;s;s;d;open n;n

Getting to Ti'mat from Entrance of 9Hells

n;n;open w;w;w;n;n;n; (this point is recallable);n;w;n;e;open n;

You made it. Ti'mat is just north of you from here.

To kill Ti'mat

To date I have only played two main characters, Dragonspawn and Erdah (the Irda Reines gifted me). So I am unable to write a guide for every class, unless players of other classes are willing to write and contribute. Since you know your own build the best, it's up to you to derive the best way to handle this mob with the following information I can provide from my fight with it. The fighting conditions may not be fully documented. For example, Chaichen mocked at me when I was stunned by Amosdeus a couple of days back because he claimed that he had never saw it stunning during his decades of HOTL3 career. Well, I was very sure I wasn't hallucinating. I was clearly stunned by one of his earth spells (not special ability). A stun is a stun.

From this I am pretty sure I will probably leave out some details that you may encounter in your own fight.

Ti'amat's fighting style:
  • Since this boss is supposed to be a boss, it has pretty high hp so the fight may drag on for a while.
  • Its weapon cannot be disarmed (or maybe it's just me). Thus he will deal high damage throughout the fight.
  • It casts conditions very often. I received Iceball, Electrify, Poison, Disease, Plague and worse, Unholy Pact.
  • Its main damage comes from his melee attacks with occasion Water and Evil spells.
  • Edit: He DOES cast complete heal.

To counter:
  • Most high gen players are trying to max out every possible resists to deal with any mob. Obviously, that isn't attainable at earlier stages so for this fight get your resist phy, resist fire and evil as high as possible. Protection from poison is also recommended.
  • It is a non-recall room but you can flee anytime to a safe room. Just take note the door behind you (south) is open at the crucial moment.
  • Backstabs (that hit) will always be the best solution for any mob in a flee-able room.
  • Ti'mat is weak against Water and Holy. I tried Wind against him and it worked as well as Water. Make sure you equip the right element if you plan to melee him to death or throw your divine shots.
  • Ti'mat does not seems to spell up at all. I did not encounter any spell buff up during my fight. However, I think he probably cast an occasion Sanctuary.
Its loot:

It's nothing to shout about, since I have a great disdain for alignment-locked items. It's just my personal preference. My entire set of equipment has no alignment requirement, which makes me even weaker, coupled with the fact I am probably the only player around my gen without extra limbs.

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