Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Where to Find the Common Quest Mobs in 9Hells

Even with Portal, questing in 9Hells can be a chore. The mobs are not particularly difficult to kill, just terribly annoying. For example, you can be humbled by a lame Erinyes in the mood to do a perma-stun on you. Then, the area designer decided it was a cool idea to grant some quest mobs the ability to log you out of the game. 
That is spectacular. 
I have never played an online game where a mob kicks me out of the game and make me re-login only to found that I have -20 ap and pounded a few more times while I was away. Well, I learn something new everyday in this game. Back to the topic, what is more challenging (for me) about questing in 9Hells isn't the annoying mobs or the fact that every single mob will be healed by my main attacking spell Rains of Fire but the navigation part.
9Hells is one of the biggest areas in the game, if not the biggest. To make things worse, many of the rooms have the exact same title and room description. So I decided that enough is enough and did a little chart to keep my mind sane while I take 9Hells quest. This post will not be enough to cover all the necessary knowledge to quest there efficiently, but that's one for the start.

Common Quests Mobs of 9Hells
3hellMammonBaelBarbed Devil
4hellBelialBearded Devil
5hellAmonGeryonBone Devil
6hellMolochHorned Devil
8hellHutijinMephistophelesIce DevilPit Fiend

Separately, I stole borrowed Maps from Morit to attach here for personal use. The last time I visited his website, all the maps were unavailable due to broken links. We can't let this happen again. Resources of this game is far and between and we should do something to keep them up if we want to continue playing this.


  1. hmm the maps are still ok when i clicked on them. now that you have a high gen character, you can build up some of the maps i did not put up too! i still have the source files for all the maps so they won't be lost forever. if you want to, i can pass a copy to you via email.