Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Azrael the Shambling Shambler

Do not let Azrael's current race fool you. She was born a Shambler one night, under the full moon of Nuitari when the wolves howled miserably. Trained under a master with a wealth of experience, coupled with natural talent, Azrael grew to be one of the deadliest assassin that walked the realms of Krynn. Her reputation gained her such vast recognition among heroes that horny Irdas flocked to mate her, leaving their perfect DNA far within her depths. Eventually, she evolved into one of their kind. Azrael continued to train hard to reach the peak of her potential. 


When I was trying to kill a Shambling Mound this morning, I was hit by a high damage attack somewhere along the lines of "Rubbish throwing attack" or whatever it called it. My mental image of a Shambler was crushed. Azrael was responsible for setting up an unreasonable image of a slick, suave,  beauty of an elite assassin. So I googled to find out what the heck a Shambler is. In the end,


This is how Azrael looks like

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