Monday, 3 November 2014

How to Use a Compatibility Chart like a Pro

First off, I'm sorry for such a shitty quality pic. But I'm in a hurry and honestly, I don't care. The message is more important. According to Cee, when Cee and Dragonspawn fused in Gen 1, she had a shitty fusion and came off with 5 slots. Needless to say she wasn't too happy with it. As a nice person, I naturally felt bad. To be honest, I have no clue how to do a good fusion. I have been going around asking people to fuse me only to be met with remarks like, "Oh no! You. Me. No go!" 

That left me wondering a bit sometimes if I had been a victim of racism. Yeah, I know Smurf isn't really someone you want to have a fusion with. Who wants to inherit blue skin and walk around with a white hat all the time? I understand that perfectly. Over time talking to LJs such as Wrath and a few others about fusion, I realise it could be something else. Something worse. It was the month I was born. I heard that in the glorious past of the ancient HOTL3 days, if you are born in the wrong month (say water month), you would not be even able to find a fuser. So there is some kind of caste system going on huh? As I found out, it was really related to LUCK more than anything. As a newbie, I was drilled intensively by Thor to Help <this> and Help <that>. So this time, I managed to do a Help Compatibility by myself. This is what I've gotten from the ancient scrolls.

 There are attractions and repulsions between the zodiac signs. If
your zodiac sign is compatibile with the current constellation, you
would have better luck. If the person you fuse with is of a zodiac
sign compatible with yours, both of you will have a better FUSION

To determine compatibility, arrange the 12 zodiac signs on the face
of a clock, ie Aries at 12, Taurus at 1, Gemini at 2, and so on,
forming a circle. Look for your zodiac sign and from there, draw
lines to form a perfect square and a perfect triangle to other zodiac
signs. Those signs which form a triangle with yours are
compatible with you and those which form a square are incompatible.
A chart is available on the website for this.

The explanation is all good except that the chart is NOT available on the website for this. It was a broken link. So I figured out and drew lines across the chart myself and understood. Let's look at it again.

The blue lines forms a perfect triangle for the sign in example, Aries and represents the signs that are compatible with it. Not coincidentally, Aries, Leo and Saggi are all fire signs. However, the ancient decree says every sign on the square is incompatible.  So that makes Capri, Libra, Cancer and Aries (a sign from each element) incompatible with Aries. Since Aries is eliminated, only Leo and Saggi is the optimal fusion choice for Aries. That explains why Cee didn't get her 6 slots. Fortunately, Cee has a powerful ancient artifact that the legendary Tasselhof Burfoot once had in his possession - a time control device. However the curse on the reversal was that she had to start all over again, wasting all her leveling time. I felt sorry for Cee. I will make up to her with some deep fried chicken wings when I finally make it good and have some money in the bank for a change.

Ok. With this chart, you poor noobs like me in future knows exactly what to do to avoid unnecessary misery from fusion. Say thank you to Cee when you see her in the game.

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