Thursday, 13 November 2014

Hint Area Specialise Books

I have many ideas for the blog. But my hunch is that I will not have the time to produce something half as good as I wanted it to be. Nonetheless, nothing is going to surface without a try. Recently Nobody told me peeking is a good way to hunt for a Spec Book. At the very least, it reduces the need to kill so many mobs and save us a tremendous amount of time and effort. So I learn the Book of Spying and started to do some snooping around today. Surprisingly (with a huge amount of luck), I found the Spec Book that I hinted for within 2 minutes. I am going to jot down which mob I found the book on and this post will be constantly updated. However, it will never be efficient enough based on my own effort. If you are a HOTL3 player, I hope you will contribute your information to help the community. I will need your collective effort to make this post successful and meaningful to old and new players alike.

Confirmed possible mobs holding a Spec Book

Macross City @ SDF-1

the bouncer

Cloud Giants

cloud giant

The Tempest

storm giant elder


iron golem
stone golem


black/white pawn

Chaos Area

baeleron of scotland

Hotel 81




Toy Factory

teddy bear

Inn of Sorrow

the scholar

Realms of Wizardry

the guardian of the moon

Land of the cult

a cult spearman

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