Sunday, 21 December 2014

Gold Making for Noobs Part I: Scavenging

I hate it when I see players asking other players for money because I feel it is due to pure laziness if a player runs out of money. Money run is part and parcel of every MMORPG, MUD is no exception. Like it or not, it's here to stay.

Alright. Not everyone can do money run like Nobody. For instance, I tried and spent 20 minutes or more to kill a single mob with Nectar in Olympus when I was a low gen. That's hardly a run isn't it? So is that the end of the story for new players with low gen toons too weak for anything the game offers? Not quite. Today I am going to show you how a Gen 1, Level 1 player can make some money instead of relying on online begging. In fact it's 10,000 gold in just 3 minutes. To do that I have to make a Gen 1, Level 1 player. 

Here it is:

Next, I have identified these two shops in Midgaard for noobs to start out with.

The armory and weaponsmith shown above will be the shop who will buy the items we are going to find in our scavenger hunt.

First off, go to Cloudy Mountain. Go to the Void (recall;s;s;s;e;e;e;s;u) and look for 1 coin, then a pile of gold coins then exit via the Mountain Road exit then w;n;e;n;n; and hey presto, you reached the gates of Cloudy Mountain. That will take you a minute once you get the hang of it. It's time to walk about the perimeter of the fort or even through the market areas for free loot. Don't worry if you bump into agro and  die. You are just a Level 1 toon, as good as a ghost. What's a little bit of dying? Anyway, soon I found stuff lying on the ground left over by some crazy leveling nut earlier. That took me another minute.

Pick these up

Sell these items at the armory and weaponshop highlighted earlier.

There you go, 10,000 gold in 3 mins.

The method can be repeated as you go higher level at popular leveling areas such as Canterbury (rings, earrings, cloak etc) and Hotel 81. (bedroom slippers, whips etc). Shops that buys in your scavenged items are not limited to the above 2 either. There are more shops in North Midgaard, for starters and other shops in non-agro areas such as New Thalos or even Canterbury itself. Explore around and you'll find more. Then tell me about it.


  1. You can sell the slippers ? Didnt know that.. adding it to my script now..

  2. hey this is for noobs!

  3. Hmm yesterday at cloudy ? I think those were the elite guards i was killing.. :)